Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry

Nowadays, you go to the dentist not just for fillings, but also to have your teeth straightened, whitened or restored.

Having a beautiful smile makes you feel confident and attractive and impacts on how others perceive you – it is a huge asset, both personally and professionally.

Dentistry has changed beyond recognition in recent years and many people have found that cosmetic treatments boost their confidence and self-esteem to the point where it can be life-changing.

In particular, we offer the following quality treatments providing a long lasting guarantee:

  • All sort of cosmetic solutions based on natural teeth or implants (zirconium crowns & bridges).
  • All-ceramic crowns and bridges – that are free of metal and yet extremely strong – according to paterns of smile design – smile makeover.
  • Smile line reshaping, taking under consideration the lips and the shape of the face.
  • Full mouth reconstruction by using all-ceramic Veneers, bonding, replacement of old amalgam fillings by using non-toxic materials such as resin-white composite, gold inlays & onlays.

Two of the latest trends in aesthetic dentistry that aim at improving the aesthetic appearance of patients’ smile are smile makeover and full mouth reconstruction.