Dental implants are nowadays a trustful, good documented and flexible method of fronting various aesthetic and functional problems of the mouth cavity.

There are many types of implant systems:

It worths noting that restoration of the whole jawbone differs of the rehabilitation of solitary teeth.

General information about teeth restoration using implants:

Restoration process using implants is divided in 3 phases:

  • Detailed medical history and examination of the patient is necessary.
  • Manufacture the impression and examine the patient using radiology.
  • Update of the patient and documentation of the data of the therapy plan.

The therapy plan differs from patient to patient because restoration depends on the other teeth, age and the reason why other methods could not be applied.

The process of choosing the implant is complicated due to various factors such as aesthetic harmony, limitation of space etc. In order to select the best implant we have to create an impression so that various restrictive factors are spotted and estimated.

All people can accept implants as long as the procedure is carried out by a specialized doctor. The implants are made of various types of materials so that we can succeed in having a natural result where no metallic or ceramic component is shown.

For example, these implants are ceramic.

The process of implantation is not considered to be painful.

Thus, by administrating appropriate pharmaceutical treatment, the whole procedure does not have any particular effect on the patient’s daily routine and it can be applied to people of any age.